How To Connect Skullcandy Headphones? – A Step By Step Guide!

A clear helper Partnering your Skullcandy headphones to your device is basic once you know the means. Whether you have remote or wired headphones, this guide will walk you through the cooperation. Comply with these rules to start participating in your music, webcasts, or calls with basically no issue.

To connect Skullcandy headphones, turn on Bluetooth on your contraption and set your headphones to matching mode. Select your Skullcandy headphones from the once-over of open devices. Once related, you’re ready to participate in your music or calls.

1. Turn On Your Headphones

To communicate your distant Skullcandy headphones, you first need to turn them on. Press and hold the power button until you see a light marker blasting. This by and large suggests your headphones are in matching mode.

2. Enable Bluetooth on Your Device

Then, you genuinely need to ensure that Bluetooth is locked in on your contraption. Whether you’re utilizing a remote, tablet, or PC, go to the settings menu and turn on Bluetooth.

3. Matching Mode

Right when Bluetooth is on, your contraption will begin looking for open gadgets. You ought to see your Skullcandy earphones recorded. It could show up as Skullcandy trailed by the model name, similar to Skullcandy Hesh or Skullcandy Smasher.

4. Interact with Your Headphones

Tap on the name of your Skullcandy headphones on your contraption’s Bluetooth menu. Your contraption will then, at that point, partner with the headphones. You could hear a tone or see an insistence light on your headphones, showing that the association is productive.

5. Test the Affiliation

Play music or a video to guarantee your headphones are working suitably. Change the volume to ensure sound is coming through clearly. If you don’t hear anything, twofold truly investigate the Bluetooth affiliation and repeat the means if fundamental.

Wired Skullcandy Headphones:

1. Track down the Sound Jack

In case you have wired Skullcandy headphones, the underlying step is to track down the sound jack on your contraption. Most cells, tablets, and laptops have a 3.5mm headphone jack, but a few additional modern models could require a connector.

2. Plug In Your Headphones

Implant the headphone plug into the sound jack of your contraption. Guarantee it’s installed the entire method for ensuring a genuine affiliation. You should feel a slight snap when it’s inserted.

3. In reality investigate the Volume

At the point when your headphones are associated, play a sound to test the affiliation. Change the volume on your device and your headphones to guarantee you can hear the sound doubtlessly.

4. Researching

If you’re not getting any sound, check to guarantee the connection is installed. Accepting for the time being that you’re using a connector, guarantee it’s related fittingly. To a great extent, restarting your device can moreover decide affiliation issues.

Connecting Skullcandy Headphones to Different Devices:

  • Communicating with a Phone
  • iPhone: Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and flip the change to enable Bluetooth. Look for your Skullcandy headphones under “Various Contraptions” and tap to relate.
  • Android: Go to Settings > Affiliations > Bluetooth, and turn on Bluetooth. Find your Skullcandy headphones in the once-over of open contraptions and select them.
  • Connecting with a PC
  • Windows: Open Settings > Contraptions > Bluetooth and various devices, and turn on Bluetooth. Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device” and pick your Skullcandy headphones from the overview.
  • Mac: Go to Structure Tendencies > Bluetooth, and guarantee Bluetooth is on. Find your Skullcandy headphones in the once-over and snap “Partner.”
  • Connecting with a Tablet
  • iPad: Open Settings > Bluetooth, and engage Bluetooth. Select your Skullcandy headphones from the open contraptions list.
  • Android Tablet: Go to Settings > Affiliations > Bluetooth, and switch Bluetooth on. Tap on your Skullcandy headphones to communicate.

Researching Typical Issues:

Headphones Not Showing up in Bluetooth Summary

If your Skullcandy headphones aren’t appearing in the Bluetooth list, endeavor the go with:

  • Guarantee your headphones are in matching mode.
  • Restart your contraption and headphones.
  • Move closer to your contraption to ensure you’re adequately close.

Expecting Affiliation: 

Expecting your affiliation keeps on dropping, endeavor these courses of action:

  • Ensure your headphones and contraption are charged.
  • Avoid blocking from other electronic devices.
  • Restart both your contraption and headphones.

No Sound or Appalling Sound Quality:

Accepting at least for a moment that you’re experiencing no sound or lamentable sound quality:

  • In reality, investigate the volume on both your contraption and headphones.
  • Guarantee the headphones are fittingly related.
  • Have a go at reconnecting the Bluetooth or using another sound jack for wired affiliations.

Ways Of Staying Aware Of Your Skullcandy Headphones:

Typical Cleaning

Keep your headphones clean to ensure they last longer and work better. Wipe them down with a sensitive texture reliably and do whatever it takes not to use horrible engineered compounds.

Suitable Limit

Store your headphones for a circumstance while not being utilized to protect them from hurt. Do whatever it takes not to wrap the connections immovably to prevent mileage.

Programming Updates

Check for firmware invigorates from Skullcandy. Reviving the item can additionally foster execution and fix bugs.

Battery Care

For distant headphones, charge them regularly yet keep away from cheating. Save the maker’s guidelines for accusing to keep up with battery prosperity.

How to Investigate Skullcandy Earphones?

To explore your Skullcandy Indy scaled-down earphones, start by guaranteeing they are invigorated. Yet again on the off chance that they’re not coordinating, have a go at resetting them by returning them to the case and taking them out

Make sure that your gadget’s Bluetooth is on and eliminate any past pairings. If the sound is muddled, clean the headphones and guarantee they fit appropriately in your ears. For any steady issues, counsel the client manual or contact Skullcandy support.


Connect Skullcandy headphones is immediate cooperation, whether you’re using a remote or wired model. By following these essential advances, you can ensure a smooth relationship with your contraption and value superb sound. Make a point to research any issues and take extraordinary thought of your headphones to keep them working splendidly. Happy tuning in!

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