Best Free Fitness Tracker App For Android

If you are looking for the best free fitness tracker app for for Android, look no further! you are on the right page. In this detailed article we will explore the best free fitness tracker app for android. However, if you want to track your steps you walked, monitor your heartbeat, log your exercises, these apps are best for you. Lets discuss it in detail to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Why we use a fitness tracker app?

Lets discuss benefits of best fitness tracker app before we explore into the best fitness tracker app for android.

Stay Motivated

By tracking your progress and achievement, It can provide motivation to stay active and reach your fitness goals.

Set & monitor goals

Its allow to set your fitness goals and monitor your fitness by achieving them.

Track your activity

By this fitness tracker app, you will be easily covered your steps, total distance covered by you, burn your calories and even track your sleep patterns. This can make informed decisions about your health.

Workout routines available

Many fitness tracker app has available workout routines and exercises that you can follow. These can help your workout for better results.

Best Free Fitness Tracker App For Android

Now discuss the usage of fitness tracker app, and lets explore the best free fitness tracker app for android users.


Fitbit is a popular and fully featured tracker app that have many functions. Also it can track your walked steps, calories burned, distance you traveled, heart beat and Better Deep Sleep patterns. Fitbit also allow you to log your food intake. Therefore, Fitbit is a great choice for fitness fans and lovers.


MyfitnessPal is not only a fitness tracker but also a calorie counter. It also helps you to track your nutrition intake and provide wisdom into your dietary habits. Also MyfitnessPal is a good way to loose weight. The app features a vast food database, a barcode scanner, and a meal planning tool. While tracking your exercise routine, this app make it easy to stay on your nutrition goals.

Google Fit

Google fit is a best and adaptable fitness tracker app that is originate by Google. It can track your activity automatically. It also provide detail information about your daily steps, heart rate and daily steps that you walked. This allows you to join challenges, to set your goals, and for motivation to stay connected with your friends.

Nike Training Club

Nike training club offer workout routines that is planed by professional trainers. It provided guided work for all fitness levels such as strength training to yoga. This app provide video tutorial, progress tracking and personalized recommendations based on your goals and desire wish.


Runtastic is a good jogging and running app that can track your steps you walked through global positioning system. It provide detailed maps, distance covered, pace and elevation data. However, if you are a beginner and a experienced runner, Runtastic is a dependable tracker to to improve your running performance.


For choosing the best fitness tracker app for android depend on your specific needs and performances. However, if you are focusing on running overall your fitness level, nutrition and your diet tracking, this apps is for you. Fitbit, MyfitnessPal, Google fit, Night training club and Runtastic is a good option that offers excellent features to help you to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. I recommended you to download any one app in your android phone and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Can i use these fitness tracker apps for other activities besides running?

Absolutely! these apps can track many activities such as walking, cycling, yoga, running, strength training and more.

Does these apps require an internet connection to track workouts?

Internet connection is require to access the full functionality of these apps, however GPS tracking can work offline.

Are these fitness tracker apps suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! these apps catch the users of all fitness levels, including beginners.

Can I track my nutrition and calorie intake with these fitness tracker apps?

Yes, MyfitnessPal is tracking your nutrition and calorie intake.

Are their any subscription fee or in app purchases for these fitness tracker apps?

Most of these apps are free, but some offer premium features or subscriptions.

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